About Bob Cefail

An Introduction to Bob Cefail

By C. R. Viggiano

What do you say about a person who has accurately projected and adapted to the changes in technology and marketing and how it has directly impacted business methods of advertising and making sales for over 25 years? You say they are dedicated. When the initial advancement of technology pushed more people to using the web for more and more of their daily life, Bob Cefail saw the trend happening and directed various approaches in marketing and sales in order to reach this blossoming community.

Bob Cefail is an entrepreneur who early on recognized the need to be fluid in his approach to marketing in order to keep up with the ever changing technology both businesses and consumers have access to. That has always been one of Bob’s greatest strengths in business. In some people, you find the resistance when change is before them, but there are a few out there, like Bob Cefail, who seem to seek out the next evolution in their perspective fields and quickly adapts to the changes before others notice something new exists.

For years, I’ve worked with Bob Cefail on numerous projects and services that he has developed. Ranging from specialized marketing for niche audiences, to creating sales training seminars that could help many learn to close prospective customers utilizing not only technology but their own ability to connect, and even building a service that makes it easier for companies to get their products in front of the market through celebrity endorsements and expert distribution. During this time, I have seen how Bob Cefail’s mind is constantly in motion, alert and ready for whatever tomorrow’s advancements may bring.

It is my hope that through Bob Cefail’s blog, both the written articles and shared from other sources, that you may find some of the insight he has shared with me throughout the years and may it help you further discover the potential not only for your marketing, but for your business growth.

– C. R. Viggiano